About US

In this fast paced world, individuals and professionals need a platform that instantly connects them to their need. We at ICH apps bring you the easy and quick way to search the healthcare and pharmaceutical information in less than a minute.

ICHAPPS allows you to get access to all the healthcare services and pharmaceutical details in just a few clicks. Consulting a doctor, getting a diagnostic test done, searching for pharmaceutical services like drug agencies, medical equipment and more, is now at your finger tips. Even for professionals and investors, we offer facilitation offerings to make the experience less complicated and more visible by providing the complete information to meet their needs, objectives and business goals.

We invite you to take a look at our first-rate suggestions to know more about how sources on ICHAPPS are reviewed and selected to connect the individuals need.

The data provided helps the information seekers to add smooth-to-read, actionable, and evidence-primarily based resources to relate the purpose of the search.

I - Information

C - Connecting

H - Host to

A - Adapt the

P - Proximity to

P - Provide the

S - Solidity

What we do

ICHAPPS is an International Health Care and Pharmaceutical information resource hub, works closely with health care organizations, consumer ’s corporations and Pharmaceutical industries around the globe to improve the search results for health and pharmaceutical information online.

ICHAPPS make it easy for...

  • Professionals who are new to the industry and want to interact with commercial enterprises and check out the capability of vendors
  • It's a mainstream hub for B2B pharmaceutical service providers to collect the companies information
  • It's an aligned source for individuals who take up new courses, access forums, journals, books, news and career opportunities, or otherwise interested in events, polls, and group discussions that they have never dealt before.
  • Journalists and information seekers who are writing a new beat about the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, including small scale companies will get reliable information, which they are searching for
  • The children's or students who are in search of new areas of knowledge, ICHAPPS is a formidable choice

" ICHAPPS is a smart way to connect information to solution "

How we do

Search engines are the first choice for 4 out of 5 individuals searching healthcare services and pharmaceutical information, but most of the information seekers expressed an uneven opinion about the accuracy and lack of latest information. We at ICHAPPS provide you the examined and refined information in few clicks to reach the right place, a right person perhaps. In this way, we reduce the amount of time spent on searching the information.

Our work flow involves the group of professionals divided into teams to reach out the doctors, companies, hospitals, industries, and healthcare service providers around the globe to collect the reliable information and accumulate it on a single platform. Consequently, information seekers can create a profile to contact and meet the professionals to get the job done without putting much time in search engines

ICHAPPS put sole effort is to convey you the best, most certain statistical information available in different part of the world on a single platform.

" The search in incomplete without valid information, Why waste time then! Let’s run through ICHAPPS , it’s simple and accurate "

How It Works