Operation of ag285 mettler toledo analytical balance

Short Description

to lay down the procedure for operation of ag285 - mettler toledo analytical balance. 

sub category : Quality control  


1.0    purpose:

1.1    to lay down the procedure for operation of ag285 - mettler toledo analytical balance.

2.0    scope:

2.1    this procedure is applicable quality control department.

3.0    responsibility:

3.1    junior assistant/senior assistant – qc 
3.2    senior executive – qc 

4.0    accountability:

4.1    manager – qc 
4.2    asst. manager – qc 

5.0    procedure:

5.1    ensure that the working area and balance is clean.
5.2    clean the weighing pan with small brush.
5.3    check all the doors of the balance are closed.
5.4    adjust the spirit level of the balance to center by rotating the leveling knobs provided at the bottom backside.
5.5    switch on the balance by pressing on/off button.
5.6    press o/t button before weighing for tarring and ensure that 0.0000 is displayed in the digital display board.  if 0.0000 g is not displayed, press c button to clear the reading.  0.0000 g will be displayed now.

5.7    open the side door of the balance and place the object to be weighed on the weighing pan.  in case of liquids, use the top door.
5.8    if required tare the weight of the object by pressing o/t button.
5.9    weigh the sample to required quantity.
5.10    close the door, wait till the weight stabilizes and record into a equipment logbook.
5.11    switch off the balance at the end of the day by pressing on/off button whenever required.


1.    press 1/10-d button to change the number of decimal places.
2.    press f button to change the weighing unit from g to mg and vice-versa.
3.    press menu button to take print out of the displayed weight.
4.    press button with numerical number 31 for printing date & time.
5.    press green button to print date, time & balance id number.


Analytical balance, mettler toledo, weighing, stabilizes, green button


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