Operation of visible melting range apparatus (lab india)

Short Description

to lay down the procedure for operation of visible melting range apparatus. 

sub category : Quality control  


1.0    purpose:

1.1    to lay down the procedure for operation of visible melting range apparatus 

2.0    scope:

2.1    this sop is applicable in melting range apparatus quality control department.

3.0    responsibility:

3.1    assistant – quality control

4.0    accountability:

4.1     executive – quality control

5.0    procedure:

5.1    connect the instrument 230 volts a/c power supply and switch on the instrument and tv monitor.
5.2    the lcd monitor will automatically on by one display as follows.

5.3.3     now after press ‘enter’ key instrument gives beep and returns to program screen.
5.3.4    if operation is entered as ‘manual’ then monitor display as follows.


5.7.2    preparation (by using slide) :    place the jig on side of the glass slide and finely spread the sample powder (about 2 to 3mg) with help of spatula.    place the round cover slip on it.    observe the sample is homogenously spread in a well-defined circle (no gaps).

5.7.3    (preparation by using capillary tubes):    take the fine powder sample in to three mr capillary tubes and pack it (pack about 2 to 4 mm height).

5.8    to start the analysis:

5.8.1    select ‘ run from main menu, press ‘2’ enter by using keyboard.
5.8.2    the monitor displays as follows



Melting range, apparatus, quality control, spatula


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