Operation of metrohm 701 kf titrino

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to lay down the procedure for operation of metrohm – 701 kf titrino. 

sub category : Quality control  




1.1    to lay down the procedure for operation of metrohm – 701 kf titrino.

2.0    scope:

2.1    this procedure is applicable in quality control department.

3.0    responsibility:

3.1    junior assistant/senior assistant – qc 
3.2    senior executive – qc 

4.0    accountability:

4.1    manager – qc 
4.2    asst. manager – qc 
5.0    procedure:

5.1    switch on the instrument at the rear side of kf titrino.
5.2    “kft” shall display.
5.3    fill the reservoir with ar grade methanol.
5.4    fill the reagent bottle located on the exchange unit with kf reagent.
5.5    switch on the 703 ti stand to on the stirrer.
5.6    adjust the speed of stirrer by rotating the knob.
5.7    press “out” button to drain the solution from the titration vessel to drain bottle.
5.8    press “in” button to add methanol to titration vessel.
5.9    press “start” key.
5.10    the green indicator lamp “cond” on the kf titrino flashes until the titration cell is dry. 
5.11    wait until the lamplights continuously, which meant ready for titration.
5.12    press “mode” key repeatedly to select the titer with h2o or standard and enter to start for titer determination.
5.13    press “mode” key to select kft mode for sample analysis.
5.14    weigh the sample and press “start” key.
5.15    transfer sample carefully into the titration vessel. 
5.16    enter the sample size, then enter the identification using the keypad and confirm with “enter” button to start the titration.
5.17    on completion of the titration, the first line of the display shows dispensed volume and the second the calculated result.

note: change the molecular sieves once in a month.


metrohm, 701 kf titrino, cond, mode, start, enter


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